Hurricane Florence Relief Fund

The Community Foundation of NC East is ready and committed to helping support the hurricane relief efforts that will now begin throughout the many communities in eastern North Carolina as a result of damage and devastation due to HurricaneFlorence. Eastern North Carolina is the home of The Community Foundation of NC East. We have proudly worked with the American Red Cross and other regional nonprofits and agencies over the past 20 years when crisis has struck and immediate needs become our top priority. We are here to help assist our Donor Families as they are always first to respond with their generosity, by giving to help us get the immediate funds out to those who are most affected.

We remain committed to helping our neighbors, our community partners and nonprofit agencies through these life-altering circumstances and we ensure our eastern North Carolina friends, families and partners that we will be able to get these donations into the hands of those whom are desperate for assistance.

Please call our Greenville or Wilmington office immediately at 252-756-8549 or 252-413-7584, and let us help you make a difference by saving a life, a home, or providing shelter and assistance to those most affected by Hurricane Florence. If you want to ensure your donation goes specifically to assisting those in a certain city, community or town, we can make that happen for you. Please contact us today to speak to Charlene Silver, Donor Services Manager, or Melissa Spain, CEO. We are available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm or after hours at 252-413-7584.

One thing we all know for certain is that eastern North Carolinians are resilient, strong, and gracious and we will work together to get our rebuilding process started immediately.

Prayers to all in our beautiful eastern North Carolina that we all call home!


Melissa Q. Spain

Melissa Spain, CEO of CFNCEast

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