Living Well and Doing Good

A Message of Reflection from our CEO

As we reflect on where we have been and what we as a community, a region, a nation and a global family have endured, it is without a doubt that we share a sense of gratitude! The events of 2020 have indeed invited us to look deeper inside ourselves and our communities to find a greater strength, a defined sense of resilience and a desire to dive deep within our inner thoughts and behaviors to become healthier, happier and more sensitive to the people and places that surround us.

As each of us have begun to rethink what it means to live well, I am certain that has resulted in a heartfelt desire to live each and every day with a purpose, a redefined sense of gratitude and a desire to not only be inspired, but to inspire others in a way that is more meaningful than ever. One thing we now know for certain, and that is the fact that life is short, it has many seasons and we cannot always know what tomorrow may bring. By being reminded of that in such a profound way over the past 18 months, it has been an amazing process to see the overwhelming amount of good, life changing, selfless acts of giving, kindness, generosity and compassion that have been exemplified throughout our world.

The Community Foundation of NC East, now in its 22nd year, continues to prove that our mission of Promoting, Enabling and Celebrating Philanthropy in Eastern North Carolina, For Good, For Ever, is serving a greater purpose than ever before. While we are beyond grateful that our continued growth and regional expansion has resulted in tremendous asset growth and the expansion of the most generous donor family, we are reminded that living well and doing good, is measured in far more significant ways than just financial assets. Living well and doing good, is the single most important mindset we can share with our Foundation Family and our communities we serve. Our Foundation is known throughout the state for not only building community capital through our financial resources and charitable distributions, but we are highly respected and appreciated for our highest level of service and relationship building that we not only take seriously, but it remains our number one priority! We take care of our people. We do our best to ensure our donors, partnerships and entire foundation family, that their investment in us is the absolute best decision for them and their families, now and for generations to come.

Now, more than ever, we are reminded that our financial resources can touch the lives of others in many ways. Together, we have helped transform the eastern region of North Carolina into one of the most generous places that exist. Since 2019, we have distributed $3 Million Dollars to more than 600 recipients, charitable organizations, schools, colleges and universities. We want to say thank you to each and every individual that has helped make that possible. May we each be reminded to take nothing for granted, reach above and beyond, and be assured that by living well and doing good, the best is yet to come!

Melissa Q. Spain - Chief Executive Officer