Community Foundation Announces HBOT for Veterans Program

What an incredible start we have had to 2022 and The Community Foundation of NC East is certainly taking every opportunity we have to bring new life and new meaning to our “Living Well and Doing Good” initiative! While we are extremely excited about the huge successes and record setting dollars we were able to procure in new endowments as well as charitable dollars we distributed in 2021, we are taking those success to the next level and we are so appreciative of every one of you, our Donor Families, our Business and Community Partners, as none of our life changing work would be possible without you!

It is so much excitement and gratitude that we have just announced our new HBOT for Veterans Program and what an incredible launch we were able to have on March 1, as we hosted a press conference, live, from our Greenville, NC office and to see the major Television Media Outlets from Eastern North Carolina and Raleigh come together, to help us tell our story, was simply beyond rewarding! This is the result of what has been a 6 year journey, in which I have had the honor of working alongside several incredibly brilliant, passionate, diligent and highly informed individuals whom have all invested a tremendous amount of time, effort and financial resources to bring us to this moment. Now, this opportunity we have been given will indeed result in life saving change for many of our North Carolina Veterans. We are extremely grateful that North Carolina Senate Bill 442 has appropriated funding for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for North Carolina Veterans suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD. We are honored that the General Assembly along with our Governor, has entrusted those funds to our Foundation and we will work diligently to get as many of our Veterans into this program as we can identify.

The suicide rate amongst our nation’s Veterans is at a historical high and this is not acceptable. We are hugely committed to helping our Veterans whom fight for our freedoms and the America that we all know and love, receive the help they deserve when returning from combat. We couldn’t have done this without the help of our elected officials and I personally would like to thank NC Senator Don Davis, our Speaker of the House, Tim Moore, and United States Congressman Greg Murphy, for your support and commitment to helping us bring this home! So if you know a Veteran whom is a family member a friend, or even family members of Veterans whom would like to a recipient of this Therapy, please go to the website or call 252-756-8549, and help us provide them with the treatment they deserve so that they can be afforded a happy and healthy quality of life in which they so richly deserve.

We look forward to being able to share many life changing success stories of our Veterans and their families and we hope you will consider being a part of this opportunity to invest in the lives of our men and women who have served! May we all be reminded daily that “Living Well and Doing Good” is something we all hope to experience and together, we can make this a reality for so many whom we share calling North Carolina home!

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