Creating A Fund

Setting up a fund for regular charitable contributions is easier and requires less of an investment than you might think. You can create a fund now with as little as $5,000, establish a fund through your will, or create a trust arrangement that benefits your family as well as a charity. You may give in honor of an anniversary or individual, to celebrate a special event or to support a specific cause. Tax deductions are earned at the time of your gift while grants awarded from your fund will continue into the future. There are seven simple steps to philanthropy through the CFNCEast, and we work with you and any professional advisors to make sure you understand the process and make the best decisions with your gift.

Seven Easy Steps for Planned Giving

1 Discuss Your Goals

Discuss your philanthropic plan and goals with your family and your legal or tax advisors.

2 Decide How Much To Give

Work with your professional advisor to determine how much you can comfortably give.

3 Determine the Cause or Organization

Decide which causes and organizations will receive your gift to meet the goals you support.

4 Meet with Us to Discuss Your Plan

Ask questions, explore the different gift vehicles available to you and review the documents needed to implement your plan.

5 Share the Necessary Documents

Share the documents and new information with your family and professional advisor and designate a current and successor fund advisor as necessary.

6 Transfer Your Funds

We will distribute your gift as you’ve identified in your plans.

7 Review Your Information

Look at our confirmation of your completed gift and the ongoing progress of grants that are awarded from your fund.