The Foundation only gives grants to tax-exempt organizations which include 501(c)(3)s, local non-profit branches of 501(c)(1)s, government agencies, non-profit schools and religious organizations (but only for non-religious purposes). Applicants must hold, and maintain in good standing, their 501(c)(3) non-profit organization designation by complying with IRS regulations and in particular filing the appropriate annual IRS financial reporting forms.
Organizations that have applied for non-profit status, but have not yet received confirmation, may still apply for a grant with the understanding that usually grants cannot be distributed until 501(c)(3) status is active.
We are unable to award grants to individuals, except in the case of scholarships and financial aid, which are awarded directly to the educational institution on behalf of the student. If you are a student, please go to the For Students section.
Areas generally not funded include individuals, computer hardware and software, vehicles, conferences, capital and research.
There is a wide range in the amount of grants awarded. Grantees are encouraged to request the amount actually needed to successfully complete the proposed project.
Only one grant will be given to an organization in a calendar year.
The funding time period is dictated by each fund. However, there are several funds at The Foundation that do offer multi-year funding.